Data Quality as a Service

Predictable Data standardizes, scores, validates and even finds missing contact data for SMBs.  Users upload their business contact data and point-and-click to clean, standardize, validate and enrich their data.

Our goal, from the beginning, was to make common data-related tasks simple, fast, and affordable.  We don’t want you to dread the negotiation with others about cleaning up their data.  We know the struggle is real.

So, rather than begging IT, installing expensive and often buggy software, searching for online tools you can trust, or spending hours doing it by hand, we’ve got your back.  We offer data quality as a cloud based service, with a familiar and intuitive interface, that can easily handle thousands or even millions of records.  If you can use a spreadsheet or word processing app, you can clean your data easily with Predictable Data—we promise.

We provide marketers, data scientists, analysts, sales people, DBAs, developers, engineers, business owners—anyone working with data to make decisions or develop products— an affordable and easy-to-use solution to data quality.

With Predictable Data Quality (PDQ) you make better data-driven business decisions and data-driven products.


IBM's estimate of poor quality data's annual cost to the US Economy

If you’ve ever had to clean data like names, addresses, titles, and general text lists by hand or even with programming, then you’ll love and understand the need for Predictable Data.  Before us, there was a large gap in what data quality products existed for small to medium sized business and what they could afford.

Large DQ vendors failed to adjust their pricing strategy for SMBs, often costing tens of thousands of dollars before even cleaning a single piece of data.  We wish we were kidding here.

Obviously, this is not practical for someone just wishing to properly capitalize names entered by users on their website, transform dates and times into a different format, extract the domain from a referring URL, or other common-sense task.

Absolutely No Risk

Pay only for what we fix, find or validate!

With our pay for only what we fix, find, or validate pricing option, you could do all of that and more for $25 or less, depending on the size of your list.

Go ahead, try it out.