As a data scientist, data is my life.  Prior to using Predictable Data, I would spend 3/4 of my project time collecting, transforming, and looking for unexpected data anomalies from client data.  However with PDQ, I have trimmed it down to 30-60 minutes to validate and prepare my client data for predictive modelling.  Our clients […]

Over my career, I’ve had to deal with messy lists of data countless times.  I would generally resort to spending an evening– sometimes an entire weekend–to cleaning up the most basic things like misspellings, abbreviations, and improper punctuation in my business data.  I cannot tell you how much I hated doing this–until I found Predictable […]

As a software developer deploying data-driven applications, I deal with data every day.  I simply could not be successful without PDQ.  Instead of spending days or weeks wrangling data, I can spend a few minutes and get the job done better than I could do myself.  I particularly like their advanced data type parsing and […]

Impactworks develops websites and assists with the marketing strategy and execution for small businesses.  Dwayne and Predictable Data have saved us and our clients dozens of hours and thousands of dollars by helping us clean and standardize our data.  Both my clients and I are amazed at how fast and easy it is to keep […]