Even little errors can be costly. In Valparaiso, IN, a home valued at $121,900 was accidently recorded at $400 million in the tax appraisal district database. Budgets for the city, school district, and government agencies were created using estimated tax revenues including the error. The county did not catch the error and the owner was sent an $8 million bill for what should have been $1,500 real estate tax bill. After the error was detected, they were forced to slash their budgets. As one result, the school district was forced to cancel all extracurricular activities for the year. While Predictable Data cannot generate home values, it can look for extremities in given lists. This situation could have been prevented if Valparaiso had cleaned their data prior to creating their budgets.

Another costly error was a blood type mismatch. A young girl who received a heart-lung transplant died at Duke University Hospital because the hospital failed to verify the blood types matched.

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